International Reference Pricing

Advansis has developed an excel based application to tackle the challenges of forecasting 'Global Prices' prevalent in pricing environment today in collaboration with industry experts while supporting them in their day to day activities.

International Price Governance

Advansis created a pricing exchange solution to allow affiliates and HQ users to provide their input in a standard format. Advansis also created a centralized database to store all the inputs provided by HQ and affiliate users.

International Price Erosion Solution

Advansis advised on the drivers that sould be analyzed behind price erosion and advised on how they can be computed from data. We created an excel and SQL based solution to store, track, analyze and report erosion data. 

Tender Management Solutions Pack

Contracts Optimization Solutions

PowerPivot and Tableau cloud based model for analysis and reporting. Solutions linked directly to the contracts database. Interactive interface to view and analyze the report. User management and accessibility controls.

Incentive Compensation Solutions

Web and mobile viewable reports for sales reps with complete user management and accessibility controls. Parallel test system with intuitive plan display and upfront tracing of sources of errors.